Series: Ugly Stick Saloon

Review: Boots and Twisters by Myla Jackson

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Review: Boots and Twisters by Myla Jackson
Boots and Twisters by Myla Jackson
Series: Ugly Stick Saloon #7
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Menage, Romance
Published by Samhain Publishing on March 25, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 168
Source: Author, Tour Host

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Book Description:

Book Description:
"Two ranchers are about to get Lucky in more ways than one. "

"Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 7"

Lucky Albright s unlucky streak is so long and wide that she s been run out of one town and it looks like it may happen again.

When she finds herself out of money and out of gas in Temptation, Texas, a part-time job from the kind owner of the Ugly Stick Saloon gives her a glimmer of hope that this time things will be different.

Trent Jameson and Isaac Moore have always believed you make your own luck, but a black cloud of disaster seems to hover over their new hand. Under a tumbling stack of hay, Isaac discovers what Lucky s hiding beneath baggy clothes and a tough exterior. Enough sexy curves to satisfy both men s appetites.

But it isn t long before Lucky s history starts wreaking havoc all over town. It ll take a force of nature to help the ranchers convince the law, the Garden Club even Lucky herself that now is no time to hit the road.

Warning: Hot cowboys meet hot cowgirl, and there s a whole lotta shakin goin on in Temptation. Get your twist-and-shout on at the Ugly Stick Saloon!

Ginny’s Review:
This is a short, sweet book; book #7 in the “Ugly Stick Saloon” series. Without summarizing the book (as that’s already happened above in the book description), I’ll add that Lucky is an interesting character that I would have liked to read more about. 168 pages doesn’t do her justice.

Also, this is a VERY southern book, as Lucky yelling out “Sweet tea and grits!” during intercourse doesn’t seem to throw anyone off… aside from me, apparently.  She grew up a tomboy and I can respect that.  Wanting to prove herself just as good as one of the boys, knowing how to drench a bovine, etc – all things I can relate to, so I liked her on that front.

The brothers, Isaac and Trent, are very well written as brothers. However, in the book description they have two different last names, and in the course of the book, the reader finds out that they were treated VERY differently by their father… no mention of their mother(s) were ever mentioned, and I would have liked to have had that cleared up.

A few others things didn’t quite add up, as Lucky says to one of the brothers, “I’m not that kind of girl.” as she’s getting ready to give the guy a blow job… all I thought was, “Yet here you are with two different men in less than 24 hours”. It’s a bit mixed up.  No, she’s never done this before, so I suppose she really isn’t this kind of girl, yet finding the two brothers has made her into this.

I felt that this book had more to it.  There was a lot more that could have been put into it, instead of the short, sweet story it was.  I liked the book, don’t get me wrong, I just feel that Myla Jackson had more she could have done with it.  If you’re a tomboy going for years without sex, that usually doesn’t change to two men and wild sexual adventures overnight.

The conclusion of the book is a HEA (how could it not be? So this is not a spoiler.) but I wanted more from it.