Series: Otherworlds Summons

Review: Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano

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Review: Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano
Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano
Series: Otherworlds Summons #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance
Published by Self Published on July 11, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 240
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Book Description:
Summonari don’t trust. Under their command, they summon any number of creatures from the Otherwolds—but never trust them outside of the summoning.

Gargoyles don’t love. Fierce descendants of dragons, they function on power and fear—never love.

Karla isn’t the happily-ever-after type of girl. No territory-hungry guy is going to stick flags all over her unclaimed grounds.

Kann’s world is death and betrayal. As Dar Primus of Haus Varis, he’s expected to follow tradition but he’s not your regular gargoyle. In fact, he’s anything but.

One fateful Friday night, Otherworlds collide. Stuck together in one world or another, Karla and Kann face everything from Awakenings and turbulent love to Festnavals and bloodthirsty scorned suitors.

If there’s one thing they can’t escape, it’s the addiction to each other. And they’ve got it bad.


Lynn’s Review:
This book is told in the first person.

Karla’s at a nightclub and has already had a little too much to drink but she has reason to celebrate.  But on the flip side, the women in her family all seem to have medical issues when they reach a certain age.  After she goes to bed one evening she begins to dream – I wish I had that kind because her life has changed when she awakens.

Kann Varis is a little upset with Karla.  He’s also a gargoyle who happens to like reading a paranormal series.  But because he’s a gargoyle he has some strange eating habits.  One thing that makes him interesting is that he seems to have human feelings.

The more I read of Karla’s abilities, the more jealous I become.  As you get closer to the end of the story you will understand, I hope, which of her abilities I wish I had.  Is there an ability you wish you had?

I was glad to see that there is a glossary but a little disappointed to find that it was at the end.  If I go back to read this again, I know that I can go to the end and look up something that I may have a question about.  So now you have the secret – if there’s something you have a question about check to see if it’s in the glossary.

Livia puts a different spin on the gargoyle story and dragons are included.  It’s a love story that takes time and you’ll have to be patient until all is revealed. If you have an addiction to the paranormal/urban fantasy books this one may just feed your need.

Kann and Karla will have you looking forward to book two.  The only thing I couldn’t find out is the title of it and when it will be making its appearance.  If you find that you enjoyed this story you can always stop over to her site,, and check out her other books.  (Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds from Romance Reader Enthusiast)