Series: Interview with a Master

Review: In Love with a Master by Jason Luke

Posted June 20, 2014 by Ginny in Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Reviews / 4 Comments

Review: In Love with a Master by Jason Luke
In Love with a Master by Jason Luke
Series: Interview with a Master #2
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Published by Self Published on June 17, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 186
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Book Description:

Book Description:
How high a price will one man pay to know love?

For Jonah Noble, life has always been his world - his way. But now, confronted with his own mortality, and staring certain death in the face, he realises his one regret...

Will Leticia be his last chance? He knows she has feelings for him, but can he ever feel the same strength of emotion for her?
Can Jonah make the leap of faith that will put his heart in danger?

It's his world. His way. But now his life is on the line...

Fantastic Quote:

“It is far better to love one woman all night long and leave her panting and breathless in a twist of love-tangled sheets, than to leap from one bed to another every night never truly satisfying anyone.”

Ginny’s Review:
…. I’m not sure whether to love or hate Jason Luke. This book was amazing. I’m not even going to build up to it.

It. Was. Amazing.

But knowing that this is the last book for Leticia and Jonah is heartbreaking.

I fell in love with these two characters back in February when “Interview with a Master” was just about to be released. I’ve become an avid fan, a rabid reader and I promote the shit out of him. It’s true, and I’m not ashamed to say it. He’s an amazing writer — yes, the subject matter helps, but even if it wasn’t romance or BDSM or any of that, his imagery would still draw me in.

I’ve been waiting for Jonah and Leticia to get a second chance for 4 months (admittedly, that is not the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a book.) And amazingly the book isn’t rushed, or pandering to the fans… It’s thorough and deep and beautiful and heart breaking and makes you fall in love with the characters all over again. Jonah Noble touches the hearts (and libidos) of many, worldwide — and Jason Luke through his words.

Jonah guides Leticia into his world and she attempts to draw him into her own, where BDSM and love attempt to combine and make an entirely new experience for the both of them.  It’s cliche but I laughed, I cried (or felt like crying), I got hot and bothered. This book is another amazing read for both men and women! Men, pay attention to his words. Seriously. They WILL help you learn to truly satisfy a woman. Not going to lie, I envy Mr. Luke’s girlfriend. Good for her! (And her chickens. Subscribe to his newsletter and you’ll understand the joke.)

I seriously want more already and I can only hope that Mr. Luke continues to write more for the masses. I will continue to follow him, his beautiful stories and his fantastic stories about chickens plotting his demise.

Buy all the books! Read them. Love them. Pay attention to them. Learn something.