Series: Dominion of Brothers

Review: Becoming His Slave by Talon PS

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Review: Becoming His Slave by Talon PS
Becoming His Slave by Talon PS
Series: Dominion of Brothers #1
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Menage
Published by Self Published on March 30, 2012
Format: Ebook
Pages: 546
Source: Tour Host

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Book Description:

Book Description:
~Your desires have never been so explored until you have submitted them to the control of Dominus Trenton Leos.~

BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / Some MM & FF~ explicit language

The four months that went into the rigorous editing plus an additional 10K+ words has finally paid off and you get to reap the rewards!!!!

As a writer, Katianna hovers at the alluring edge of bringing what she creates with exquisite eroticism into her very concealed life. Her books seduce her readers with stories taking them into extremes of erotic pleasure that have never been her own experience. That is until one night unbeknownst to herself, she confessed a secret desire she’d kept under lock and key to Trenton Leos, who’s now intent to bring her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he’s not just any Dom, he’s the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but it also comes with danger, and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.

Quote That Induces Yearning:
She sat still while he brushed her hair, which she didn’t seem to mind so much, then again, he’d never met a woman who did.

Ginny’s Review:
I have mixed feelings about this book.  We’ll start with the good:

I liked this book for the relationship, the sex and the explanation of a 24/7 life slave to the reader.  For those of you who don’t know, a life slave is almost like a life-sized Barbie in some respects: The Dom/Domme dresses, feeds and fully takes care of their slave. They brush their hair, teeth, watch over them and care for them.  And that works for some people.  I have seen it in real life.  The effort and depth of how Talon PS and Princess SO (Talon’s twin & writing partner) put into the character of Katianna, who is a fantastic person but not the strong, independent type that is featured so often today in real life and its mirroring literature, was amazing. I loved how they didn’t make her seem weak or waify… in other words, unlikable. You want to take care of her along with Trenton.

You also want to give in to Trenton… The quote I added above I loved because what straight woman doesn’t want a big, muscular giant to gently brush her hair?  For a woman, getting your hair brushed by someone else is amazing. We will purr. (Guys, take note. Girls, let your guys know. Amazing bonding and just -purrs-)…. ahem.

However, on the flip side of all the good, I have a few criticisms.

I liked it, but at times, it seemed overly verbose.  There were plot bits that seemed like they would go somewhere and then didn’t… This isn’t to say that they had to, but when you involve a terrible accident scene that was sparked by a serial killer, you’d think that you’d read more about said serial killer later on… And there is the fact that much editing went into this book, however there were still mistakes that slipped through.

They also used some words that had me quoting Inigo Montoya from “The Princess Bride” — “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”  I.E. words that a thesaurus would give you in terms of female genitalia or the vagina, yet when you look up the actual definition, you kind of cringe.  “Theca” and “Chrysalis” being two of them…

I’m going to round this out with more things I liked about the book because I really did enjoy it, though I think there should be a bit more professional editing…. however, I found words that I had to look up (Preponderant) and the use of Latin titles for the main Doms of the book (Dominus, Patronus, etc). It gives is a deliciously gladiator feel, and you shiver (and if you’ve ever seen “Spartacus: Blood & Sand”, you’ll understand further). I love that the reader is buying multiple stories all within one book — you don’t get just one story line. You get many. So it’s worth reading and enjoying.  Be it an investment for fantasies and future nights, or just a guilty pleasure.

One Last Quote:
“It is very possible for a Master to love his slave and still be the Dom in the relationship, but if it is lost — it should not matter.  What’s more important? Being the authority or being truly happy with someone?”