Series: Dawn of Ascension

Review: Brink of Eternity by Caris Roane

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Review: Brink of Eternity by Caris Roane
Vampire Collection: Brink of Eternity and Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane
Series: Guardians of Ascension #2.5, Dawn of Ascension #1, The Blood Rose Series #1
Genres: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Self Published on January 12, 2013
Format: select
Pages: 290
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Discover powerful winged vampire warriors, the Guardians of Ascension, and the women they’re sworn to protect!

Warrior Gideon swore he would never see Elise Jordan again even though they’d been passionate lovers for two years. Her human nature couldn’t survive in his ascended vampire world; she would be vulnerable to attack on every front if he tried to continue a relationship with her. But when Elise starts having visions of the future of Gideon’s sister hunted by death vampires, Gideon can no longer ignore that Elise is in her Call to Ascension, her call to become a vampire. Though determined to keep her at bay, the infamous breh-hedden, an all-consuming vampire bonding ritual, wraps him up tight and demands that he protect Elise. As he strives to keep her alive during her Rite of Ascension, love threatens to overwhelm his carefully ordered, war-weary world.

Reader alert: BRINK OF ETERNITY was published under a different cover, but with the same title, in July of 2011. The content is the same. You may have also read BRINK OF ETERNITY on the Heroes & Heartbreakers website.

Elise has been trying to live her life within reason, opting for a quiet and orderly existence despite her preternatural abilities. Imagine her dismay when she receives a vision that the sister of her former lover is in grave danger and only she can help save her. She must now set aside the peaceful life she has carved on Earth and venture into another world if she hopes to succeed in her new mission. Enter the world of Gideon and “ascended vampires”, angel like beings that are warriors for a second dimension separate from mortal Earth. Author Caris Roane thrusts the reader into a lovers’ tale of restraint and redemption, and we watch as Gideon and Elise struggle to stay true to their feelings while honoring their own destiny.

This story packs lots of other world history into its tale, but does it so well that I didn’t mind not knowing what everything was all the time. I was fascinated with the war Gideon and Elise must fight, and I loved the background characters–even though their time on paper was short, they still made an impact (such as the ‘good’ ruler of Gideon). It was also pleasantly surprising to find a glossary of terms and definitions that Roane used throughout the book. Although only a novella, Brink of Eternity offers quick excitement, passion and a bit of fun as we explore the world of Ascension. This is a must read for those who like unique twists of the supernatural! (Reviewed by Alisha)

Rating: 4 Flowers, Sensuality Rating: 4 Flames