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Review: Saved By The Spell by Casey Keen

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Review: Saved By The Spell by Casey Keen
I'll Be Damned by Casey Keen
Series: Anna Wolfe #2
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Paranormal
Published by Self Published on October 11, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 174

Also in this series: I'll Be Damned
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Book Description:

Book Description:
Two worlds in danger.

A Grand Witch behind bars.

A stunning Werewolf and a devilishly handsome Warlock’s pursuit for her affections.

You think you have it bad? Grand Witch Anna Wolfe awakens to find herself imprisoned by Micah, the Prince of Darkness. Micah’s on a quest for world domination—and it’s not just the Netherworld that’s in danger. The human world is threatened as well. Now, it’s up to Anna to escape from Micah's clutches so she can locate The Scholars and an ancient book before both fall into the wrong hands.

With a fiercely loyal Werewolf and immensely powerful Warlock by her side, what can go wrong?

A lot apparently.

If fighting off the Prince of Darkness wasn’t enough, Anna’s emotions are a whirlwind, as she battles between what fate demands and what she actually wants.

*This storyline contains depictions of sexual activity and profanity*

Opening Quote:

“This is the same tunnel I ran through numerous times before… Before. A small, solitary word that now signifies so many life-altering events. Before Janie was kidnapped… before I knew I was a Grand Witch… before the supernatural world invaded my normal life… before Micah was obsessed with me. I moan inwardly at the enormity of factors for which this tiny word now encompasses.”

Ginny’s Review:
Last summer I chose to review the first book in this series based off of the cover and the small description given and, if you don’t remember, I was not in the least disappointed.  I’ll Be Damned by Casey Keen (#1 in the Anna Wolfe Series) was fantastic and fun and sexy, and you can revisit my review of that gem here.  Saved By The Spell (#2 in the Anna Wolfe Series) was just the same!

The book picks up right where it left off — Anna has been kidnapped by Micah, a demon from Hell, who wants to use her powers as a Grand Witch to find a book of great import to help him take over both this world and the underworld. However, whereas the first book was told only from Anna’s point of view, this book switches between Anna’s view and then a mix of first person POVs from the group of friends looking for her, including her sister.  It’s fun to see new characters come into play and try to guess which ones will hit it off and (hopefully) spin into a new romance.

This is the second book that Casey Keen has self-published and it is the second one that I couldn’t put down.  I’ll admit to having to go back to the last few chapters of the first book to re-orient myself to the world and what had been going on, but hey, it’s been six months since I read the last one.

The book is fast paced and makes you want more and more and AGAIN ENDS ON A DAMN CLIFF HANGER! (-ahem-) Without giving anything away, we’ll just say this: Anna grows to know more about her powers, what she’s capable of, who she can and cannot trust, and her love triangle (or if you include Micah, love square) gets more twisted around and you don’t know which pair to wish for… though a menage is not something I’d be adverse to but I don’t think with the way the men feel about each other that that will happen. -sigh-

Definitely check this book out if you haven’t, but don’t read this one unless you’ve read the first. It is not a standalone book, but the series is well worth the money, and, again, it’s self-published so more power to Ms Keen on this one!

Kudos, Ms Keen, please give me more! 4.5 outta 5!

Review: I’ll Be Damned by Casey Keen

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Review:  I’ll Be Damned by Casey Keen
I'll Be Damned by Casey Keen
Series: Anna Wolfe #1
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Published by Self Published on March 27, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 436
Source: Author

Also in this series: I'll Be Damned
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Overall Rating:

Book Description:

Book Description:

A sister kidnapped.

An impending war between Heaven and Hell looming around the corner.

A Grand Witch who has no idea what she is.

The Prince of Darkness’s obsession in claiming her.

Two sinfully gorgeous men pulling her in two different directions.

As the owner of the coffee shop Déjà Brew in Savannah, Georgia, Anna thought her life was ordinary. That is until her sister is kidnapped by a demon, prompting two handsome men to march into her life unexpectedly. Valen, the sinfully gorgeous, overprotective werewolf who is Anna’s sworn guardian and Roman, the most handsome and powerful Warlock in the entire Netherworld.

Suddenly, her world is stripped of everything she knows and replaced with frightening news about who she really is - a powerful Grand Witch. Now, it’s up to her to draw out her dormant magic, rescue her sister and stop an impending heavenly war threatening to eradicate the human race all while staying alive.

Well… damn it. Yet again, I’m given a fantastic book to read, only to have it end without the second one being readily available for my consumption.

Seriously, I loved this book! For those of you who love the Sookie Stackhouse series, you’ll love this! It’s not similar enough to think that she’s copying off of Charlaine Harris, though it is told from a first person POV, takes place in the South, it’s quick-witted, funny and fun… And there’s a gay, black man as a best friend who screams “Lafayette”. I also was struck again and again at how relatable this book is.  You feel as if you are Anna, along for the ride in her head.

Anna is living in Georgia, not knowing she’s a witch.  She owns a coffee shop and quite loves it though it’s definitely a lot of hard work.  She’s a little creeped out by one guy who she’s gone on a date with, every instinct she has screaming “WRONG” though sometimes those instincts completely disappear when she’s around him.  She also has this gorgeous stranger who is new in town, and keeps popping up wherever she is, though not in a full-on stalkerish type way.

After her sister is kidnapped, the gorgeous stranger comes into her life and informs her of her heritage. Needless to say, she’s a little disbelieving. Sure she’s known all her life that she was different. Sure she has really freaky dreams and debilitating cramps that no doctor can diagnose. But that doesn’t make her a witch! She gains the help of friends and yet another gorgeous man to help her train and learn her powers, as she begins a quest to realize her destiny and find her sister.

This book is fantastic on so many levels. As soon as I began it, I was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down, though the need for sleep did cause me to stop reading for a few hours. But I devoured this book.  I would monitor where I was in the book, constantly looking at the page numbers, hoping that more would magically appear. Alas, they didn’t.

The only issue I had with this book is the surplus of skinny jeans in so many wardrobes — men and women. I dislike skinny jeans with a passion. But hey, I don’t have to wear them, so life is good.  Come fall of 2013, I’d better get the next book immediately or I’ll scream.

This is Casey Keen’s first book, and I can already tell that she has a hit series.  I immediately wrote to my friend and told her to check it out asap. I continuously thought that this would make a fantastic movie or show (so long as Alan Ball didn’t get his hands on it and completely veer off the story line into “WTF-ville”. But I digress…). I want more and I want it now. It leaves you at a cliff hanger, making you salivate for more.

I want to continue to gush about this story, but I fear that I’ll give something away. But here are some other great quotes for you! There are so many of them that I highlighted, but here are just a few.  This is a self-published novel, so give the woman some credit, buy this book and love it as much as I did! C381721D06A307D627637922DEC2606D


Great Quotes:
“People say you learn something new every day. I must be lucky, seeing I learned two new things today. First, the widely misused comment, ‘all men are dogs’, is complete bullshit. It insults dogs.”

“Self-pity is the most hazardous emotion, if ignored. Anger? That’s nothing. Anger goes away with a good trip to the gym. Sadness vanishes as soon as you talk to a friend; but self-pity is like a virus, destroying one’s happiness without the person realizing it.”

“I hate hardware stores and their lack of décor. Their unwelcoming colors and dingy floors remind me of a gynecologist office — boring but necessary. There are too many options, for one thing, like screws for example. Finding the perfect screw is impossible…. A woman’s mission to the hardware store can get rather personal! I laugh inwardly at the thought of finding the perfect screw.”