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Review: Beauty Submits to Her Beast by Sydney St. Claire

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Review: Beauty Submits to Her Beast by Sydney St. Claire
Beauty Submits To Her Beast by Sydney St. Claire
Series: Once Upon a Dom #4
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Romance
Published by The Wild Rose Press Inc on June 26th 2015
Format: eARC
Pages: 201
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Reviewed by: Ginny
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Book Description:

Caitlin is a woman in control. Control of her own successful business, her personal life, and her family. Sometimes she is tired of having to be the strong one, the one who makes all the decisions. Even in bed with her ex-husband, she was the one in control. She has such a strong personality, not by choice but by her life experiences, that people automatically bow down to her. When a friend suggests that she try a bit of BDSM role-play, she does her research and decides to give it a try. She’s invited to Pleasure Manor to participate in their Fairy Tale event. She’s assigned the role of Beauty. Will she find her Dom to her liking? And can she give up control in exchange for the best sex in her life?

Damon is a Dom. He deliberately seeks out encounters where there is no strings attached. He doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with a full time relationship, especially the emotional responsibility. He’s a man in charge and he plans to remain in charge of his life and only his life.
Damon will have past issues that make him a tortured hero. Maybe too much responsibility too young when adults should have taken care of him, or a relationship where he failed to care for another that had disastrous outcome like death and now he will only care about himself. Caitlin will sense this and her own need to control and fix what’s wrong will clash with his need to keep others at a distance.

My Thoughts:

This book is the first I’ve read by Sydney St. Claire (or Susan Edwards, as the former is a pseudonym), and I have to say that this is the second review book in a row where I’m torn…

The beginning of the book takes place at Pleasure Manor, over the course of a fairy-tale-themed BDSM weekend. Damon Steele is the Beast, and Caitlin Olsen is his Beauty.

My first four notes for this book went as follows:

Highlight: When Damon & Bryce are discussing Damon’s guilt over his men dying in the war, while trying to save him; discussing this in the middle of another conversation, with another person in the room.
Note: “Do men — soldiers — actually do this, or is it a fantasy of women?”

Highlight: “Hunk.”
Note: “Stop calling them ‘hunks’.”

Highlight: “Bod”
Note: “Seriously, are we in the 90s?”

Highlight: “Prime, yummy man parts.”
Note: “How old are we?”

The beginning of this book is fluff, with minimal set up… sexy fluff, but fluff nonetheless. I wasn’t sure I liked it, although if you want to read some pretty steamy sex, then this is for you!

My interest came towards the end of the book when Beauty & Her Beast have left their fantasy weekend, and are seeing each other outside of Pleasure Manor… This is a small spoiler, but Caitlin somewhat forces Damon to come to her horse farm and heal/deal with life. It was from about 75% of the way through the book, until the end.. and I found myself wishing that Ms. St. Claire had taken more time to write this part of the story, rather than the rest. She had the beginnings of an amazing tale of redemption, self-forgiveness and healing. I wanted to read more of that.

As it is, again, this is a sexy story, with a few metaphors that should end SO much sooner than they do, and the word “hunk” a few too many times, with a rushed ending. Had there been more to the secondary story — or had the secondary story become the prime, it would have held my interest a bit more and earned a higher rating. At this point, I’m going to go with a 3.5 out of 5.