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Exclusive Excerpt Tour & Giveaway: A Match for Marcus Cynster by Stephanie Laurens

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Today is day 10 of the excerpt tour for A Match for Marcus Cynster. So read today’s exclusive excerpt, enter the giveaway and be sure to check out the other sites to read all of the individual excerpts featured on the tour.


23569724A Match for Marcus Cynster
by Stephanie Laurens
Series: Cynsters #23
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Mira
Release Date: May 26th, 2015
Format: Paperback/eBook, 448 pages

Book Description:

Marcus Cynster is waiting for Fate to come calling. He knows his destiny lies near his home in Scotland, but what will it be? Who is his fated bride? One fact seems certain: His future won’t lie with Niniver Carrick, a young lady who attracts him mightily and whom he feels compelled to protect—even from himself. Fate, he’s sure, will never be so kind as to decree that Niniver should be his.

Delicate and ethereal, Niniver has vowed to return her clan to prosperity. Having accepted that she can never marry and risk a controlling husband, she needs help fending off unwelcome suitors. Powerful and dangerous, Marcus is perfect for the task. Suppressing her wariness over tangling with a gentleman who so excites her passions, she appeals to him for aid.

Marcus quickly discovers his fated role is to stand by Niniver’s side and, ultimately, claim her hand. Yet in order to convince her to be his bride, they must plunge headlong into a journey full of challenges, unforeseen dangers, passion, and yearning, until Niniver grasps the essential truth—that she is indeed a match for Marcus Cynster.

Laurens’ sprawling series spans multiple generations and families with no end in sight, but with distinctive, engaging storylines and the ever fascinating and uniquely authentic Cynsters, why stop?

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Excerpt #10

March 1850; nearly a year later

The Carrick Estate, Dumfries and Galloway

AMFMC_#10_May 22_quote imageThe thunderous pounding of Oswald’s heavy hoofs, the bunch and release of the horse’s powerful muscles, filled her mind—and pushed out the frustrations that had threatened to overwhelm her. While she raced over the fields, she had no room in her head to dwell on the irritations, annoyances, petty nuisances, and simply idiotic behavior that had provoked her to near-fury.

What were they thinking? Were they even thinking? Or were they simply reacting to a situation they didn’t know how to interpret?

She’d ridden east from the manor, over the flatter fields, wanting—needing—to gallop. But the clan’s lands ended at the highway. Ahead, beyond the edge of the fields, the ribbon of macadam glimmered. Normally, she would have slowed at that point, drawn rein, and come around.

Not today.

Crouching low, she let Oswald thunder on.

Because today she needed more than just exercise. Today, she needed something akin to an exorcism—before she lost her temper and blasted her importunate clansmen in a way that would shrivel their manly confidence forever.

Giving Oswald his head, she let the gelding jump the stone wall that marked the boundary of the Carrick estate. Two giant strides later, the horse gathered himself again and flew over the drystone wall on the other side of the road.

Niniver heard a shout from behind her—from Sean, who, as always, was tagging along as her groom—but she pretended not to hear and let Oswald race on toward what had in years past been their favorite valley for a gallop. The horse remembered, as did she, but she hadn’t ridden that way since Marcus Cynster had bought the old Hennessy property and made it his.

Usually, she avoided any chance of meeting her neighbor anywhere, much less on his lands.

But not today. Today, her clansmen had pushed her too far. She needed this run, and truly, the chances of meeting Marcus in the narrow valley were slight. She would race to the end, then turn and race back, and he would never know she’d been there.

The long, narrow valley curved and wound deep into the old Hennessy estate. Sinking into the moment, she let herself become one with her horse and galloped wild and free.

But when she reached the rise at the end of the valley, Oswald was tiring. Deeming it wise to let the horse rest before heading back to the manor, she eased up, and let the gelding slowly climb the rise. There was a twisted tree at the top, its canopy casting sufficient shade to provide a pleasant spot out of the afternoon sunshine.

She’d barely noticed the sun was shining until then. With her very pale skin, she had to be wary of freckling, and she wasn’t wearing a hat.

Drawing rein in the shade, she remembered that the vantage point allowed her to look down on the old Hennessy farmhouse. Built of faded red bricks with lintels of local stone, the solid house sat nestled comfortably on a shelf of land, with the usual outbuildings neatly arrayed around it. Thin streams of smoke rose from two of the many stone chimneys.

She’d heard that Marcus had renamed the house and estate Bidealeigh.

Her eyes drinking in the peaceful scene, she eased the reins and let Oswald idly crop the coarse grass while she waited for Sean to catch up. He wouldn’t say anything when he did; he knew what had sent her off in such a temper.

She’d been the Lady of Clan Carrick for almost a year. The first months of her reign, over late spring and through last summer up until harvest time, had been intensely busy, not just for her but for all the clan as she and the clan elders uncovered and came to terms with the depredations her brothers had visited on the estate. When she and Ferguson had first sat down with the estate’s ledgers, she’d wondered what all the fuss—all the worry—had been for. Then she’d stumbled on the second set of accounts—the ones Nolan had kept hidden. The ones that had shown the true level of the clan’s coffers and also testified to the parlous state of the clan’s enterprises.

That had been a sobering time, but under her leadership, the clan elders had rallied, and, together, they’d devised and put into place a plan to resurrect the clan’s finances, one designed to get the clan back on its financial feet and heading toward the road to prosperity.

About Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Stephanie and her husband both began work as research scientists in Kent. They lived in an area surrounded by history. Their own cottage was built in the 16th century, while next door were the protected ruins of an early Roman villa, and nearby was a 14th century castle.

After four years in England, Stephanie and her husband returned to Australia, where she continued to work in cancer research, eventually heading her own research laboratory. One evening Stephanie realized that she did not have any more of her favorite romance novels to read. After years of thinking about writing her own novel, during nights and weekends for the next several months, she began crafting her own story. That manuscript, Tangled Reins, was the first of her books to be published. After achieving a level of success with her novels, Stephanie "retired" from scientific research and became a full-time novelist. Her novels are primarily historical romances set in the Regency time period.

Stephanie and her husband live on peaceful acreage on the outskirts of Melbourne. If she isn't writing, she's reading, and if she's not reading, she's tending her garden.

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Review: The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens

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Review: The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens
The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens
Series: Cynster Series #20, Cynster Sisters Duo #2
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency
Published by Avon Books on June 25, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 448
Source: Edelweiss, Publisher

Also in this series: The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, And Then She Fell
Purchase Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Book Links: Goodreads
Overall Rating:

Book Description:

Book Description:

The 2nd in the Cynster Sisters duo, #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens thrills with this fantastic tale of a Cynster who'll stop at nothing for love.

Lady Mary has been waiting years for this opportunity. Not that her sister has thrown off her spinster ways and become betrothed, it's finally Mary's chance for true love. She knows exactly who she wants --and it's not someone as wild, unmanageable, and sinfully seductive as Ryder Cavanaugh.

Ryder Cavanaugh, Marquess of Raventhorne, had never met a woman who wouldn't happily fall at his feet--or into his bed...until Lady Mary Cynster. But Ryder has made some decisiosn abotu his life and he'll only succeed at being the man he wants to be with Mary by his side. And convincing her of that fact is just the kind of challenge he thrills at...

Make sure to read the Acknowledgements because Stephanie explains how the title came to be.

Our story opens in London in the year 1837.

Mary Alice Cynster has set her sights on a man.  Ryder Cavanaugh has his own opinion on that.  A war has been waged and it will be interesting to see who wins.  I wonder what the young women of today would feel about how husbands were found during that time period – sometimes it was a love match and a lot of times it wasn’t.

I love how Mary says one sentence that completely shocks Ryder.  If she said that to a man today, I don’t think they would be shocked.  She also doesn’t wait for the man to make the first move – shocking.  And Stephanie puts sex in just the right places – not just sex for sex sake.

Sometimes you find the one character that you really dislike.  For me, it was Ryder’s stepmother, Lavinia.  If they ever decided to remake Monster-In-Law, they could change it to a historical piece and cast her as the mother from hell.

Besides the romance between Mary and Ryder, there’s a mystery that surrounds them.  Stephanie does a great job of building the mystery over time, which goes to building the anticipation almost to the very end.    This is one of those books that should a screenplay ever be made, I would watch the movie when it came out.  She also makes you wish for a marriage that at the time seems strong and wanting to be part of a couple that is so devoted to each other.

This is a book that I highly recommend reading. If you have been following the Cynster clan there is no way that you can pass this up.  In going over to the site that lists all the Cynster books,, you will notice a list of all the books in this great series.  At the end of this book, there is an excerpt for Where the Heart Leads.  But in my research, this book was released back in 2009.  So this means that we will have to be patient to see if Stephanie comes up with a new series or see if our favorite family makes another appearance. (Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds from Romance Reader Enthusiast).0A04999BD4F129B4A1504B1EA89C9996

Review: And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens

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Review: And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens

And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens Series: The Cynster Sisters Duo #1, Cynster Series, #18, #18 Genres: Historical Romance Published by Avon Books on March 26, 2013 Format: Ebook Pages: 384 Source: Edelweiss, Publisher Purchase Links: Amazon ✦ Barnes & Noble Book Links: Goodreads Overall Rating: Book Description:Book Description  The only thing more troublesome than a Cynster man…is a Cynster lady who believes love is not her destiny. Famously known in London society as “The Matchbreaker,” Henrietta Cynster’s uncanny skill lies in preventing ill-fated nuptials – not in falling victim to Cupid’s spell. But then she disrupts one match too many and feels honor-bound to assist dashing James Glossup in finding a suitable bride for a marriage of convenience. A task infernally complicated by the undeniable, unquenchable attraction that flares between James and Henrietta, who continues to believe she will never fall.. Lynn’s Review Our story opens in London […]


Review: The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens

Posted February 10, 2012 by Sherri in Reviews / 5 Comments
Review: The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens Series: The Cynster Sisters Trilogy #3, Genres: Historical Romance Published by Avon Books on January 31, 2012 Format: Ebook Pages: 496 Source: Edelweiss, Publisher Purchase Links: Amazon ✦ Barnes & Noble Book Links: Goodreads Overall Rating: Book Description:Book Summary: Three heros, three rescues, three weddings. We joyfully request your attendance at the wedding of Miss Angelica Cynster …but not until she and her hero confront a devious enemy and lay to rest an ancient grudge in the Scottish Highlands! Headstrong Angelica Cynster is certain she’ll recognize her fated husband at first sight. And when her eyes meet those of a mysterious nobleman across a candlelit ballroom, she knows beyond doubt that he’s the one. But her heart is soon pounding for an entirely different reason–when he hero abducts her! The eighth Earl of Glencrae has no choice but to kidnap […]