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Sophie Goodnight doesn’t want to marry me.

The astounding thought rattled through Richard’s brain. He’d had to fend off countless debutantes who’d set their caps for him during the Season he’d spent in London. Until he met Antonia, he’d walked warily around the young ladies he met on the Continent. Now he was being trussed up and delivered to this one like a gaily wrapped parcel.

And she didn’t want him.

He laughed so loudly the help must surely have heard him below stairs.

“What’s so funny?” Sophie asked.

“Everything. Nothing.” Richard patted the hand she’d slipped around his elbow, surprised at their mutual dislike of the union their families were plotting. “Why are your parents so set on this match?”

“My father can buy anything he pleases, yet what he really wants isn’t for sale.”

“And that would be…”

“A grandson who’ll be a titled lord.”

“If you don’t want to marry me—”

“Dear me,” she interrupted, “do you think there’s an if? My manner must be far more accommodating than I intend.”

He scowled at her. “As a great heiress, you could have your pick of suitors.”

“Of all the great houses under financial duress with an eligible heir, yours is the highest ranking. Why should my father’s fortune bring down an ordinary beast when it can bag a trophy stag?”

“Remind me never to go hunting with you.” They entered the gallery, a long, high-ceilinged hall. Row upon row, his ancestors stared down at them from age-darkened canvases.

Sophie peered up at each one. “None of them look terribly happy, do they?”

“The point is to impress the viewer with the power and prestige of Somerset, not give a window to their souls.”

“Pity, since their souls are all that still exist.”

“Not true. Somerfield Park exists. Everything they bled for is still here.”

“And you intend to bleed for it too. Dead men’s dreams.” She cocked her head. “I do believe you’ve never had an original goal in your head.”

If she’d been a man, he’d have laid her out for that insult. “Of course I have. You may as well know I plan to marry another lady, one my parents have not chosen for me.”

“Really?” She cast a genuine smile at him, a sudden burst of such luminous glory that it nearly took his breath away. “There may be hope for you yet. But it’s only a plan. I wager you’ve never actually done anything unexpected.”

He’d show her. “You lose.”

Richard snatched her close and covered her mouth with his. He meant to shock her, to silence her goading tongue. Now that little pointed tongue of hers was all tangled up with his. He pinned her to the wall, her spine pressed against the flocked wallpaper next to a rather lugubrious rendering of his grandmother.

Her hands found his hair, raking her fingertips past his temples. She palmed his cheeks and slid her hands down his neck, her touch cool at first, then hot as she smoothed her fingers down his chest and around his waist.

God help him, she made him hard as iron.

Then the kiss changed. Yielded. Her breath poured into him, warm and sweet.


She made a soft sound, as if she were melting, like sugar in a saucepan. He slanted his mouth over hers, determined to make her sigh again.

She answered his kiss with longing, with urgency, with a small tremble that he’d give anything to still. But he wasn’t able to make her sigh again. When he finally released her, he fought to master his breathing lest she see how deeply she’d affected him.

He was shocked to his soul at what he’d done. He was devoted to Antonia. He wasn’t the sort to ravish a lady he’d just met as if she were a common trollop. What had gotten into him?

“Where does a virgin learn to kiss like that?” he whispered.

Sophie Goodnight smiled at him again. She could command angels with that smile. Then she slipped out of his arms and darted away. At the threshold, she turned and winked at him.

“What makes you think I’m a virgin?”


A Rake by Any Other Name_Mia Marlowe cover
A Rake By Any Other Name
by Mia Marlowe
Series: Somerfield Park #1
Genre: Historical Romance
Published: November 4th 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: Paperback/eBook, 352 pages

Book Description:

A Reluctant Lord. A Resistant Lady. A Superfluous Fiancée.

And a Devastating Family Secret…

When Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley, is abruptly called home to take the reins of the estate, he discovers the extent of the family’s financial straits. The remedy: marry the heiress their families have picked out for him. Unfortunately, he’s already planned to marry someone else.

Miss Sophie Goodnight isn’t too keen on becoming his purse with feet…and she sabotages all attempts to woo her. But when Lord Hartley discovers the shenanigans in his father’s past, he realizes that deciding between two beautiful women is the least of his problems.

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Urban Girl Reader’s Review: A Rake By Any Other Name by Quiana

About Mia Marlowe

Mia learned much of what she knows about storytelling from singing. A classically trained soprano, she won the District Metropolitan Opera Auditions and has shared a stage with Placido Domingo. As she prepared for operatic roles, she devised back stories for her characters. Since she’s worn a real corset, and had to sing high C’s in one, she empathizes with the trials of her fictional heroines. But in Mia’s stories, they don’t die in a Parisian garret. They get to live and keep the hero!

Now an award-winning author, Mia Marlowe writes historical romance for multiple publishing houses. Her debut title received advance ovations from romance luminaries. #1 New York Times bestseller Victoria Alexander says Mia’s Touch of a Thief has “adventure and heat and everything I want in a great story!” UK’s BooksMonthly has crowned Mia Marlowe “the queen of saucy historical romance.”

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New Release Review: A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe

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New Release Review: A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe
A Rake by Any Other Name by Mia Marlowe
Series: Somerfield Park #1
Genres: Historical, Historical Romance, Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on November, 4 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley

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Book Links: Goodreads
Overall Rating:

Book Description:

Book Description:
When his father, Lord Somerset, tumbles off the roof, Richard Barrett, Lord Hartley, is called home from his Grand Tour to take the reins of the estate while the marquess recuperates. Somerset is in serious financial difficulty, which can only be remedied by marriage to an heiress, Miss Sophie Goodnight, lately arrived from India with her nabob father.

Unfortunately, Richard believes he has already lost his heart to Lady Antonia Pruett. And Miss Goodnight isn’t too keen on becoming Somerset’s purse with feet, so she foils their families’ attempts to throw her and Richard together at every turn. To make matters worse, the reason Lord Somerset fell off the roof in the first place is a secret that threatens to upend all their lives.

Reviewed by: Quiana
Richard Barrett and Sophie Goodnight find themselves on the cusp of an arranged marriage. An arrangement that is the brainchild of their meddling families. Richard’s family estate is in near ruins and the family is low on income, but Sophie’s family is rich; which would make them a match made in heaven. Right?

What I loved most about this book were Richard and Sophie. Two people from different worlds, but when they truly start to get to know one another, something wonderful develops between them: love. But first they have to overcome their own personal baggage. While willful and independent, Sophie has decided to guard her heart. And honorable and loyal Richard is in love with another woman, and is reluctant to marry Sophie for money. And on top of that, there’s a scandal brewing around the Barretts. But in spite of the surrounding drama, Richard and Sophie find themselves growing closer and closer.

Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed this book. It had everything I could ask for in a delightfully entertaining historical romance novel. There was romance, mystery, scandal, blackmail, a bevy of intriguing and colorful characters, and a couple of twists thrown in for good measure. Once I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down.

Review: One Night with a Rake by Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason

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Review: One Night with a Rake by Mia Marlowe and Connie Mason

One Night with a Rake by Connie Mason, Mia Marlowe Series: The Royal Rakes #2 Genres: Historical Romance Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on June 4, 2013 Format: Ebook Pages: 352 Source: NetGalley, Publisher Purchase Links: Amazon ✦ Barnes & Noble Book Links: Goodreads Overall Rating: Book Description:Book Description: For King and Country, three notorious rakes will put all their seductive skills to work. After all, the fate of England’s monarchy is in their hands. Since the death of his fiancée, Nathaniel Colton’s polished boots have rested beneath the beds of countless wayward wives and widows of theton. He’s careful to leave each lady smiling, and equally careful to guard his heart. So seducing Lady Georgette should pose no problem. But the beautiful reformist is no easy conquest, and Nate’s considerable charm fails to entice Georgette to his bed. To woo her, Nate will have to make her believe he cares […]