Author: Brooklyn Ann

Review: Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann

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Review: Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann
Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn Ann
Genres: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on April 2, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

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Ginny’s Review:

Finding a book in which I’m rooting for the main character the entire time makes me happy. Anglica Winthrop has an adventurous heart and a personality that is a century too early. She doesn’t want to be a brood-mare for some lofty lord. She wants to be an author — and none of that girly stuff either — she wants to write gothic novels. I can relate to that!

When she sneaks into Ian Ashton’s home, knowing the rumors that it’s haunted and wanting to see for herself, she has no idea that she’s going to be attacked by a vampire — and then proposed to by the same one! Which is exactly what she DOESN’T want!! Constantly at war with her mother on how to act and behave properly, she sets out to do everything her mother tells her not to do, in an attempt to drive Lord Ashton away — even though she wants to learn more about him as a vampire, and more about why his kisses make her insides turn to jelly. But, to her dismay (yet ultimate joy), everything she does seems to draw him in further.

Angelica is constantly torn between her soft heart, her adventurous soul and her need to make people happy and protect those she loves… and her curiosity continuously gets the best of her. At one point in this book, it is mentioned that Angelica doesn’t have a great singing voice — and what this turned to out to be is that she has the kind of power-house voice that is so valued today, especially in blues/jazz singing, while back then, a nice voice for a woman was the aria-chirping, light-breathed voices that you hear in operatic sopranos. I loved this bit!

Angelica is a fascinating character that I would love to meet in real life and Lord Ian Ashton also sounds delicious — in more ways than one. I’ve focused mainly on Angelica in this review because, for a historical romance, the woman who has thoughts and actions years before her time isn’t a time traveller — she is the very picture of the quote, “Well behaved women rarely make history.”

And that makes me love her. 4.5 out of 5! Read it!