Review Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in having your book reviewed on Urban Girl Review. In order for your request to be considered, please review our entire Review Policy and fill out our Request Form  

Please either submit the form CONTACT US with the title, author, and brief description (Goodreads link is appreciated) of the item you would like me to review and what your deadline for the review is.  PLEASE DO NOT attach an electronic copy of your book to your request.

Urban Girl Reader now accepts digital galleys/ARCs for review. Our preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley, where we are a listed Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles.

Acceptable Book Genres

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Romantic Suspense

Media Formats that we can accept

  • Digital books (E-Pub or PDF format)is our preferred format. We are also able to receive e-galleys through NetGalley, where we are listed as a Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles.
    Bound books (including ARCs*)
  • Audiobooks (digital and/or disc)
  • E-reader (E-Pub or PDF format)
  • Please no self published books at this time

Our Review Timeframe

  • Advanced Reader Copies will be published no sooner than 1 week prior and 2 weeks following publication, unless agreed upon at the time of review request
  • Already released titles will be published as soon as possible based on the number of books that I have waiting for review at the time, or as agreed up at the time of review request. We try to post within 3 weeks of accepting the review.

What is Included in our Review

  • Our reviews are honest and try to be as spoiler free as possible. We always endeavor to maintain respect for the author and expect the same conduct from those we review.
  • A link to buy the reviewed book from Amazon or the site of your choice. We are no longer an affiliate of Amazon or The Book Depository and do not receive any compensation from our links.  Our links are affiliate free.
  • Cover Image & Book Description
  • Review shared with the publisher via NetGalley when applicable
  • Book details: Publisher, date published, ISBN (when available), applicable series, and genre

Compensation/FTC Disclosure:

Urban Girl Reader receives no compensation for any reviews that are completed and published on this blog. Within each of the reviews that we complete is a line item for the source of the book. Those that are not are not personal property or provided though the public library are noted as such.


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