Review: Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

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Review: Interview with a Master by Jason Luke
Interview with a Master by Jason Luke
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Published by Self Published on Feb 8, 2014
Format: eARC
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Book Description:

Book Description:
It's the interview like no other.
It's the interview of a lifetime.
It's THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is intensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.
This is His world. His way.
There is only one question the man will not answer…

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language)

“Women don’t want to be forced to their knees. They want to be made to feel weak at the knees. Husbands and lovers need to make the woman in their life feel conquered…. Every woman who is aroused by submission is also aroused by an alpha male who can tame her. These women aren’t looking for a husband in the bedroom who will make them feel safe and loved. They already have that in their bedroom. These women are looking for a man who is strong enough to conquer them. That way the woman can still feel vibrant and independent… but also feel comfortable submitting to their lover.  That’s the turn-on for women.  They don’t want to be submissives… They want to feel like they can’t resist submitting.”

Ginny’s Review:
Every once in a while a man comes along (usually fictional, but not always) who seems to know more about women that any other man… and even more than some women themselves.  Johnny Depp did this in “Don Juan DeMarco” and Jason Luke now does this through Jonah.  Given the fact that these words had to come from somewhere, you can seriously bet that Jason Luke is one of those men in real life. Or comes damn close.

For Jason Luke’s first novel (under this pen name), this is a fantastic way to start.  Immediately I was engrossed; pulled in, as was Leticia, the apprentice reporter who is getting all of the nitty-gritty details of Jonah’s life. He’s giving her the interview of the century, not holding anything back.  He tells her details of various experiences, and explains bits of the lifestyle to her when she doesn’t understand. The interview (and this book) span across several weeks, as Jonah tells her of his first experience within the BDSM lifestyle as a sub, and then as he grew from there.

Jonah is the type of Master most every sub wants. One who can know her pleasures before even she does and build upon them.  Harsh when he needs to be but never unnecessarily so.  Although this book & Jonah aren’t about physical pain for pain’s sake, which some subs prefer, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere (and I could give you a few ideas… or just read some of my other reviews).

The book is told from the point of view of a man who knows women and makes you wish that you knew him and possibly had one of him for your very own.  He explains things in such a way that you feel are vastly profound, yet also incredibly simple making you wonder “Well why didn’t I think of that?” or “Yes! That’s exactly what I meant but I didn’t know how to phrase it!” Luke’s writing style is smooth and cohesive, grabbing all of your senses and giving them tingles.

Quite honestly, this can be read for pleasure or as an instruction manual, because he gives those answers to men and women everywhere who are trying to spice up their life… if you’re just trying now, or if you’ve tried and failed… Don’t give up.  Jonah and his Big Book Of Rules are here to help!  And you get bits of levity in just the right moments where you start to giggle.

For example, Jonah explains gender roles altering, the woman seeing herself as “an independent person, strong, opinionated — equal to a man.”  When Leticia remarks on him sounding like a feminist, he smiles and says, “It’s a variation on ‘know thy enemy’.”  I loved that philosophy and it made me laugh.  He also remarks on how no woman tastes like honey, but every woman wants to know that she tastes good and can therefore relax and enjoy rather than wondering what he’s thinking as he’s tasting her.  This struck home with me because every single time I read “You taste like honey” or “peaches” or “(enter-some-terribly-incorrect-fruit-here)” I just think, “Well that’s not possible… Especially if they just had garlic!” From a man’s point of view, I get it now.

So thank you to Jason Luke for writing this up and sharing it with the world.  It’s a world that needs this point of view — the man’s point of view ACTUALLY written by a MAN.

If you can’t tell already, I love this book and I give it a five out of five, and damn I hope there’s more.  It may not be a sequel, but I hope I get to hear more from Jason Luke, both as a person and an author because he seems like an incredibly interesting person.

Check out my short interview with Jason.

3 responses to “Review: Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

  1. Debbie Lehman Foreman

    I loved your book. It was fun reading it from the male side. I like that I waffled between liking him and not liking him. I cried at the end but I have to tell you I hated the way the book ended and hope there is another book due out soon. It will be easier to deal with than a longer wait for book two. This ending compared to how good the book is sucked.

    I do hope you have much success with your book because it’s a real good read and I’m the first one to recommend it.

    I am in the process of trying to find an agent so for yours to be published I know how hard you’ve worked please hurry with getting out the second book.

    Good Luck and thank you

  2. Joanna M

    I’m not really into this kind of genre but by reading your review I may have to change that and will look more into Jason Luke’s work. Well done!

  3. Linda Townsend

    Wow! I’ll definitely have to check this book out! Thanks for the great review!