Review: Best Fake Day by Tracey Rogers

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Review: Best Fake Day by Tracey Rogers
Best Fake Day by Tracey Rogers
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Beachwalk Press on December 16th, 2013
Format: eARC
Pages: 145
Source: Author, Tour Host

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Book Description:

Book Description:
Faking it never felt so good.

Wedding photographer and romance lover Izzy Latham dreams of finding her own happily-ever-after. When her former teenage crush arrives at her doorstep, looking sexier than ever, and asks to marry her, it should be her dream come true, right? Wrong. It turns out he doesn't want to actually marry her—he only wants to pretend to marry her.

Marriage hater Jack Carter will do anything to close his latest business deal, including finding a wife. The only person who can help him is his childhood friend, Izzy. Except Izzy isn't a little girl anymore. She's definitely all woman, and there's an attraction between them that's hard to ignore.

Jack has to convince Izzy to fake it, but the problem is that she hates to lie. However, she can't deny her feelings for him either. So when Jack makes her an offer she can't refuse, she reluctantly agrees to help him out.

Faking it is the easy part. But what happens when fake starts to feel so real?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and occasional strong language

Quiana’s Review:
We’re introduced to romantic at heart, Izzy Latham. The wedding photographer is struggling to help her father with his financial troubles. Enter club owner, and marriage cynic, Jack Carter; an old childhood friend of Izzy’s. Jack up and left home many years ago with no notice and hasn’t had contact with Izzy since. Jack has a proposition for Izzy: pretend to be married to him, and he’ll take care of her father’s financial obligations. When Izzy reluctantly agrees, neither is prepared for just how life-changing their deal will be.

I usually enjoy books where the two main characters fake a relationship. It’s interesting to read about two people learning to navigate within the confines of a fake relationship. Especially when the two characters start to develop feelings for one another and can no longer tell what’s real and what’s only pretend. So this book had all of the elements I usually enjoy about this particular type of trope, but it still didn’t work for me.

One could say that my biggest problem with this book is that I never felt a connection to Izzy and Jack. In fact, I didn’t like either character. Izzy was at times extremely naïve. Case in point, in an attempt to get underneath Jack’s skin, Izzy allowed a complete stranger to order several drinks for her. After the first drink made her woozy, she continued to accept subsequent drinks from the stranger. Of course Jack was forced to ride to her rescue and rightfully chewed her out over her bad judgment.

But Jack was no better than Izzy. He spent a lot of time pushing Izzy away because of his insecurities. He went out of his way to hurt her in order to make Izzy lose interest in him. Of course it’s later revealed that there’s more to Jack’s reluctance to commit to a lasting relationship with Izzy. And Jack’s reason for leaving and his reluctance to invest in a romantic relationship with Izzy was eye roll-worthy.

Overall, I wanted to like Best Fake Day by Tracey Rogers, but unfortunately I didn’t. When it comes down to it, Jack and Izzy just weren’t dynamic enough characters together or apart to draw me into the story. And if the lead characters aren’t believable or interesting, then it’s no surprise that the overall story failed to engage me as a reader. (Reviewed by Quiana – The Book Lover)