Review: Wolf Born by Ann Gimpel

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Review:  Wolf Born by Ann Gimpel
Wolf Born by Ann Gimpel
Series: Underground Heat #2
Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Published by Liquid Silver Books on August 24, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 162
Source: Author

Also in this series: Roman's Gold
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Book Description:

Book Description:
In a futuristic California that’s almost out of resources, Max leads a double life. A Russian wolf-shifter, he heads up the State of California as its governor—and the shifter underground. He took on the governorship to help his people. Threatened with genocide, many shifters have gone into hiding. Some blame Max and the underground for their plight, rather than the governmental edict that’s meant death for so many.

Audrey works for Max. Unlike most humans with low levels of shifter blood who bless their lucky stars they avoided the purge, she wants to be a shifter. If she could find a way to finesse it, she’d quit her job in a heartbeat and go to work helping the shifter underground. The only sticking point is Max. She’s been half in love with him forever.

Against a dog-eat-dog political backdrop where no one knows who their allies are, Max and Audrey spar with one another. Max fears she’s part of the group trying to kill him. Audrey has no idea about Max’s double identity and worries she won’t be able to walk away from their fiery attraction to help the underground.

After a second attempt on his life, Max faces critical choices. Should he follow his head or his heart?

Lynn’s Review:
This is definitely a series that you will want to read in order.  It will become evident to you as well because if you haven’t read book one you will question some of the scenes you read.  I read this book first and found I was disappointed that I hadn’t read Devon’s story.  But the good news is that I will be reading Roman’s Gold so that I can catch up with the series.

Maximillian Sigayav is a man who leads a double life.  He’s also a man with a lot riding on his shoulders.  Audrey Westen works for Max and she seems to have a major thing for her boss.  But she has her own secret and it’s interesting how it reveals itself.

They live in an interesting society but one thing that remains from our time period is discrimination.  You have to wonder what it would take for people to learn from our mistakes.  But if it weren’t included in Ann’s story, it would change the whole feel of the story.

You can finish Max’s story in just a couple of hours.  There’s plenty of action and some really hot sex.  Makes me want to go out and see if I can find my own shifter to cuddle up with.  And our author gives us a happy ending that will leave you smiling but it will also leave you with a puzzled look because there is no hint of a book three.  I’ve loved all of Ann’s books that I have read to-date and can’t wait to read more.  This is a series that you will want to add to your library. (Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds from Romance Reader Enthusiast)

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  1. Kassandra

    I am definitely a stickler for reading series in order. Even when the author states that they can be read as stand alones. Usually there are bits and pieces that only make sense if read in order.