Review: Darkness Taunts by Susan Illene

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Review: Darkness Taunts by Susan Illene
Darkness Taunts by Susan Illene
Series: The Sensor Series #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Self Published on July 7th, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 309
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Book Description:
Melena Sanders has managed to avoid all things inhuman for most of her life, but after coming to Fairbanks, Alaska to rescue her best friend from supernaturals she hasn’t been allowed to leave. That is, until her long-time nemesis comes to collect a favor she owes him. Lucas might be half angel, but he’s all bad as far as she’s concerned.

Paying him back might get her out of town for a while, but her new destination will be anything but enjoyable. Mel’s got to help the nephilim take care of a demon possession outbreak in Juneau. Although something like this hasn't happened for thousands of years, Lucas is certain Melena’s rare abilities are the key to solving the problem.

With violence in the capital city growing, she’s going to have to figure out how to stop it fast before the trouble spreads to other places. Not only that, but working closely with Lucas is changing the dynamics of their hate-hate relationship—worrying her more than the demons. Getting back to her captivity in Fairbanks never looked so good.

Quiana’s Review:
The number one thing that was different about Darkness Taunts versus Darkness Haunts: romance. The first book hinted at flirtations for Melena, but there was nothing serious. There were no kisses and no confessions of love, only hints at an attraction to a couple of the male supporting characters. This time around, romance was heavily present throughout the book. Let’s just say that Melena and Lucas got hot and heavy quite a few times.

I struggled with the change in their relationship, because anytime those two were in a scene together, and they spent a lot of time working together in this book, there were sparks as well as tension and a lot of arguing. For a good portion of the book, I did not like who Lucas or Melena were when they interacted. Lucas was too forceful and bossy, even though he was right about certain things. Melena was overly stubborn, spent a lot of time pouting, and was kind of bratty. I found myself thinking that they brought out the worst qualities and traits in one another. Thankfully things got better when Lucas and Melena stopped resisting their attraction and learned to start trusting each other. I actually liked them together by the end of the book.

While the romance was a little off-putting in the beginning, there were other things I enjoyed. I liked that Melena made a couple of friends with some of the supernaturals in Fairbanks. I liked that we learned a little more about sensors and about Melena’s past. I really liked how the author gave us glimpses of a Melena who realizes that she can use her abilities as a way to help others. In Darkness Haunts, Melena was forced to use her abilities as a way to protect herself and her friends. In Darkness Taunts, Melena is challenged by Lucas and Nikolas to use her abilities to help others in need, not just herself or her friends. So while she doesn’t want to be surrounded by danger, she showed that she can’t stand by and do nothing when someone’s life is in jeopardy.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and was disappointed when it ended. There was a shocking twist at the end that has me impatiently waiting for the next book in the series. The novella, Chained in Darkness, book 2.5, told from Lucas’ point of view, will be released late October 2013. And the third book, Darkness Divides, will be released sometime in 2014 (Reviewed by Quiana – The Book Lover).