Review: Sugar Baby by Aaron B. Powell

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Review: Sugar Baby by Aaron B. Powell
Sugar Baby by Aaron Powell
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Published by Self Published on January 21, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 180
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Book Description:

Sugar Baby – A young man or woman who receives financial compensation and/or gifts in exchange for companionship, often including favors of the sexual nature.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy – A wealthy, often older man or women, who provides financial compensation and/or gifts to a Sugar Baby in exchange for companionship.

This book is told in the first person.

Brittney and Kyle are on a hunt.  They have decided that they want to expand their horizons.  Right from the beginning you can tell that they love sex.  Marissa is a student that has found an interesting way to cover her expenses without putting herself in debt.

This book reminds me of the porn movies that can be found “On Demand” through my local cable company.  It’s all about the sex and not much about the verbal interaction among the characters.  For me, it’s not a book that you want to read while you are out and about.  It’s a book that you may want to read in the privacy of your bedroom.

There’s one scene where Brittney places an order online.  I had to read the sentence more than once.  And then I had to wonder if you’re going to grab your computer and check it out for yourself.  If you purchase this book, you will know the scene when you come upon it.

You can definitely tell that this story is told from a man’s perspective.  I felt like we were reading his fantasies.  I felt that being written in the first person didn’t work in this situation.  We lose a lot of what the women do when they’re not in Kyle’s company.

If you like romance with your sex, I really don’t get any indication – the words may be there but that is it.  Sometimes I felt that the wife was an afterthought.  He enjoyed having another female joining in on their sex life.  Personally, I feel that it’s more of a male fantasy than a woman’s – but I could be wrong.

By the time I finished this book, I felt that this was written for the male reader.  Some women may enjoy it but if you love great dialogue with your sex you won’t find that here.  I’m not giving up on Aaron though.  I went to his web site,, and he does have some interesting sounding books.  With this book, I feel this is one that you have to decide for yourself if you want a book that will give you plenty of dream material or a book with sex and romance.