Review: South of Surrender by Laura Kaye

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Review: South of Surrender by Laura Kaye
South of Surrender by Laura Kaye
Series: Hearts of the Anemoi #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy
Published by Entangled Publishing on May 28, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 400
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

Also in this series: North of Need, West of Want
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Book Description:

Book Description:
She’s the only one who can see through his golden boy façade to the broken god within…

Chrysander Notos, Supreme God of the South Wind and Summer, is on a mission: save Eurus from his death sentence and prove his troubled brother can be redeemed. But Eurus fights back, triggering vicious summer storms that threaten the mortal realm, dangerously drain Chrys, and earn the ire of the Olympic gods who ordered Eurus dead.

Laney Summerlyn refuses to give up her grandfather’s horse farm, despite her deteriorating vision. More than ever, she needs the organized routine of her life at Summerlyn Stables, until a ferocious storm brings an impossible—and beautiful—creature crashing down from the heavens.

Injured while fighting Eurus, Chrys finds himself at the mercy of a mortal woman whose compassion and acceptance he can’t resist. As they surrender to the passion flaring between them, immortal enemies close in, forcing Chrys to choose between his brother and the only woman who’s ever loved the real him.

Lynn’s Review:
Chrysander Notos has found his older brother, Eurus, walking on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  If you’ve been following the series, you will know that the Anemoi have special abilities.  One thing Chrys can do is call the South Wind.  In order to understand this group of special men, you do need to follow this series in order.

As I read Chrys’ story, I have to wonder if there are other-worldly things going on that we don’t know about.  Now that spring is here and some of the nastier weather is showing itself, don’t you wonder what may be causing the storms?  Maybe this is why the meteorologists can’t always get the weather right – that certainly would be one explaination.

Laney Summerlyn is a woman with some physical limitations.  One thing I love to see is when an author isn’t afraid to make a character less than perfect.  We also share the same “phobia”, we can’t stand thunderstorms.  For me growing up, I would wake up to find my head at foot of the bed (and I’m under the covers) and my feet on my pillow.  How about you?  What I find a great inspiration is that even with her limitation she still takes the time to be a caretaker of horses.

This ended up being one of those books that you just can’t put down because you don’t want to miss anything – especially after Chrys and Laney speak to each other for the first time.  Laura also created a character named Seth Griffin.  Seth is Laney’s caretaker.  He’ll make someone a great mate – just saying.  Laura also left me hoping that Seth will get his own chance at love.

If you’re patient you will get your sex – wait for it; you won’t be disappointed.  Some things can’t be rushed and this is one of those times.  It comes at just the right spot and at just the right time.  But that’s not all that this story is about.  There is also a war going on and Laura shows us that there is a price that must be paid.

I went to Laura’s site,, but couldn’t find out much about book 4 except that the title is East of Ecstasy and that it will be coming out in 2014.  I couldn’t find any excerpts or teasers so I guess we’ll have to be patient until Laura is ready to share. (Reviewed by Lynn from Romance Reader Enthusiast)

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