Review: Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill

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Review: Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill
Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill
Series: Deadly Angels Book #3
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Avon Books on March 26, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 384
Source: Edelweiss, Publisher

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Book Description:

Book Description:

Ivak Sigurdsson is dead...well, sort of. Guilty of the sin of lust, he’s been given an unusual penance: spend eternity as a Viking Vampire Angel, or Vangel, fighting Lucipires, Satan’s vampire demons on earth. Now sequestered in Angola Prison as a “spiritual advisor,” Ivak is finding all these centuries of celibacy depressing, to say the least. But then, along comes southern belle Gabrielle Sonnier. Is she a reward for his good deeds, or a temptation sent to rattle his lustsome brain?

Gabrielle, a lawyer, begs Ivak to help get her brother out of prison. Aided by the Cajun LeDeux family and their chief looney bird, Tante Lulu, Ivak reluctantly agrees. And while he alternately tries to seduce and save Gabrielle before the Lucipires run rampant, they both begin to wonder if it’s really only lust, or something more.

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds:

Ivak Sigurdsson really loves women.  In today’s world we might consider his problem an addiction.  But Ivak has other issues he has to deal with – one being that he is a vangel.  And that is the least of his problems.

Gabrielle Sonnier is a lawyer.  She’s a woman that fights for what she believes in and that includes family.  Sandra also reminds her readers how scary prisons can be.  And hopefully we are one of those that are lucky enough never to find out personally.

Early on, Sandra has a scene where the demons are having a little down time.  Let’s just say that I’m glad that I’m not there – one word, gross!  Her demon character, Jasper, has a treat that he loves – another word, yuck!

In another scene, Ivak “invades” Gabrielle’s space.  You are going to love it – him all alpha male and she the modern woman.  This is a book that just gets better as each page is turned.  Ivak and Gabrielle’s interactions continue to get more interesting.  But we have a character that is a scene stealer and her name is Tante Lulu.  You will absolutely love her.

Sandra even took the time to work a John Travolta movie in the storyline.  After you finish the book, you may want to take the time and watch the movie.  It also makes me wonder if she designed the series after watching it.

At the three quarter done mark you would think that Sandra would start to wrap things up.  No, there’s still a lot of good versus evil going on.  There was plenty of excitement in this book from beginning to end.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her readers in book four.  I went to her web site and there was no hint.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Once you get to the very end, make sure to read the “Reader Letter”.  It’s a letter about the series.  It’s a series that just keeps getting better with each subsequent book.  I was a little on the fence about the first book but since I have always enjoyed reading Sandra’s books I thought I would give her another chance by reading book two.  I’m glad that I was smart enough to do just that because I have enjoyed both book two and three.  She seems to be on a roll.