Review: What’s A Witch To Do? by Jennifer Harlow

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Review: What’s A Witch To Do? by Jennifer Harlow
What’s A Witch To Do? by Jennifer Harlow
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Midnight Ink on March 1, 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Source: Author, Edelweiss

Also in this series: Werewolf Sings the Blues
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Ginny’s Review

Gorgeous Dream-Man Doctor or Werewolf with Off-the-Charts Chemistry??

First off, let me say that any book that gives me an informative family tree at the beginning of the book is an automatic win — it’s why I love the Hannah Howell Highland series so much! Well, one of the reasons anyway. (-cough-HOTSCOTTISHGUYS-cough-) Mona is High Priestess of her coven, being groomed for the job ever since she was little.  There are other women in her extended family that are eligible for the job, but, given what she has to deal with — who would want it?  Which is exactly her thinking when she finds out that one of them wants her dead. The list is a short one, but still baffling to her so she enlists the help of the aforementioned werewolf to help guard her and her nieces — two young girls that her wayward sister dropped off at her house before disappearing again.  (Side Note: I hope there are more books in this series so I can see what happens with them and if the sister ever shows up). She’s also baffled by the fact that Dr Guy Sutcliffe seems to suddenly be taking an interest in her — new-ish in town, he’s dated a few women, but based on them, Mona isn’t sure what he sees in her. Between her confusion on Guy’s sudden interest, who wants to kill her and why, Mona is in for one wild ride.

Written in a 1st person POV, her humor is engaging and witty, fully relatable. Mona isn’t your typical heroine — she’s not a twig, she’s not conventionally pretty, she’s in her mid-30s and has a lot of self-esteem issues — ok, so maybe that last one is a little typical, but she’s a character that many women can relate to on a wide basis, yet she’s still complex and has layers (a.k.a. Not Bella Swan, who everyone can relate to because she’s so one dimensional, at least as a human).

Amusing Quote:

“Ancient Nurse Luann Smiley sits behind the reception desk, mouth pursed in displeasure when she lays eyes on us. The woman has carried a grudge against me for thirty damn years. As if I was the only child who’s bitten her. That’s what she got for poking me with a needle.”

With the intrigue, the suspense (I totally didn’t guess who the bad guy/girl was, I had two completely different thoughts), the humor, the To-Do lists at the beginning of every chapter and the heat between Mona and Adam, this book is fun and sweet and heart breaking and just plain awesome. I want more of these books and I want an Adam Blue of my own — hot werewolf who can’t seem to keep his hands off of me? Yes please!