Review: Pooka in My Pantry by R.L. Naquin

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Pooka in My Pantry by R.L. Naquin
Series: A Monster Haven Story #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Carina Press on March 25, 2013
Format: Ebook
Pages: 236
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Book Description:
Zoey Donovan—empath, wedding planner, go-to girl for monsters with personal problems—has been marked twice for pickup by Death. On both occasions, Riley the smoking-hot reaper has refused to follow through. For his breach of protocol, Riley is now on probation. For her refusal to die on schedule, Zoey's right to live is challenged. She will have to undergo a life-or-death trial, but she won't know when or where it will happen…

Staying alive might not be so difficult if the Leprechaun Mafia hadn't strolled into town. Now every business owner with the slightest connection to the supernatural community is being threatened with the most appalling bad luck if they don't pay up. Mirrors are smashed, bodies are dropping, and Zoey's still got clients waiting for fabric samples.

With a little luck, she might be able to save everyone and still have time for a second attempt at a decent first date with her favorite reaper.

Alisha’s Review:
Every day empath Zoey Donovan has a lot on her plate—she’s the owner of one of the few safe houses for magical beings known as the Hidden, her love life is a confusing muddle of bad first dates with a Reaper and she’s been marked by the Board of Hidden Affairs for bad luck.

I really liked this book and R. L. Naquin takes her time building the story which of course makes the ending all the more exciting. I definitely connected with Zoey as an ordinary girl who keeps having life hand her lemons and her having to make lemonade. She has an inner strength that is always present, but she’s just now learning how to really tap into it. Her role as the keeper of a Hidden safe house constantly interferes with her “normal” life, but Zoey’s open heart proves to serve her time and time again as a rich tapestry of characters come to her for help and to aid.

Zoey’s ongoing relationship with a modern day Grim Reaper named Riley is challenging as well. He’s been put under probation for helping her one time too many and is now under constant surveillance from the Board of Hidden Affairs. Despite this and an ongoing streak of bad luck ruining their dates, the romance between them will not die and slowly grows throughout the story. I appreciated R. L. Naquin’s sweet and chaste take on their relationship (the most we see them do is heavy kissing) because it seems to fit Zoey’s personality and her way of dealing with the people she loves.

If you’ve read the first book, Monster in My Closet, you’ll be happy to know that Zoey’s feisty best friend Sara gets in on some of the action, too. Pooka in My Pantry is a light, fun read with glimpses of sweet romance that will delight readers with a fondness for all things that go bump in the night.