Review: Master of Love by Catherine LaRoche

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Review: Master of Love by Catherine LaRoche
Master of Love by Catherine LaRoche
Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Pocket Star on December 03, 2012
Format: Ebook
Pages: 282
Source: Edelweiss, Publisher

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Book Description:

Dominick Avery, Viscount Rexton, has a brilliant mind, yet is so intoxicatingly handsome no one ever takes him seriously as the philosopher he longs to be. He cultivates a wicked reputation as Lord Adonis, Master of Love, until his uncle sends him an irresistible bequest of books, on the condition he accept also the prim librarian who comes with them.

Miss Callista Higginbotham struggles to support her quirky household as a rare book dealer and librarian, while tottering on a dangerous edge of genteel poverty. But she quickly finds herself in greater danger yet, as her newfound desire flares for the infuriatingly flirtatious lord. Dominick wants nothing more than to unleash his luscious new librarian from her straight-laced propriety. He's learned, however, never to trust desire—let alone the consuming passion that soon bedevils him.

Both must learn not to judge a book by its cover. But when Callista discovers a plot against Dominick’s life and risks all to save him, they both learn that love is the one lesson that cannot be learned from books…

March 1847, London

Miss Callista Higginbotham owns a bookselling business who also happens to be a librarian (a woman after my own heart). Within just the first couple of pages, Catherine shows the reader how snobbish some people were back in that time period. But Callista is made of sterner stuff and yet outwardly appears to be shy. She also seems to have the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Viscount Rexton, Dominick Avery, is her current boss. They seem to have something in common. Catherine goes on to show her readers how back then people were judged based on assumptions – which still happens today. I love how Callista, in the beginning, keeps calling him Lord Rexton – as if that would keep him at arm’s length.

Our author also shows us how men treated women during that time in history. It made me wonder what they would have thought about today’s women. There’s one scene where Dominick and Callista are talking and it just had me saying “Way to go Callista!” I love a woman who’s not afraid to talk back.

To me this was a fast read – I couldn’t believe how quickly the end came. It left me wanting more. I enjoyed the characters – I felt that Callista and Dominick were perfect for each other. It’s a story that left me wanting to go back and read it again but I would want to find a really nice library in which to read it – to create that little bit of ambiance. I couldn’t find out too much but was able to find out that there is another book coming out titled Knight of Love and it is supposed to be about Lady Lenora. It should be out some time this year. In the meantime, you can’t go wrong in having this book in your own “library”.  (Reviewed by Lynn from Romance Reader Enthusiast)

Rating: 4 Flowers, Sensuality Rating: 3 Flames

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