Review: The Executive Officer’s Wife by Lila Munro

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Review: The Executive Officer’s Wife by Lila Munro
The Executive Officer’s Wife by Lila Munro
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military
Published by Rebel Ink Press on August 2010
Format: Ebook
Pages: 210
Source: Author

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Book Description:

Book Description:
Meet Libby Calhoun, the independent strong-willed daughter of a Marine Corps sniper. She's learned to take care of herself over the years, and after one failed marriage she isn't looking for love, a husband, or children.

Golden-eyed Chase Wayland isn't looking for love either. The former Marine turned private bodyguard learned his lesson from a deceptive ex-wife. Trust isn't something he easily gives in to. Then Libby happens.

Living under the same roof for what could be months won't be easy when their mutual attraction threatens to disrupt the strictly business policy they both adhere to....

Sherri’s Review:
He was hired to protect her body, instead he stole her heart.

Chase Wayland is a former marine now the owner of a high-end security company. He is hired to protect Libby Calhoun, whose marine father has been kidnapped by terrorists and is being targeted that she may be their next target in order to obtain her father’s cooperation.

Libby Calhoun is an independent woman capable of taking care of herself. After all, she has been doing it her whole life. As the daughter of a Marine, she is used to being alone and in control of her life. When her father is kidnapped, the military hires a security firm to protect her since often the family of abducted military personnel becomes targets themselves. When Libby learns that she is going to have a bodyguard, she does what every independent woman would do – she makes a mad dash from her captivity and into the arms of Chase.

Chase and Libby end up at her uncle’s bar and their attraction is instantaneous and scorching. They decide to hook-up for the weekend and go so far as to not tell each other their names. Although they quickly get together, the situation does not seem contrived or forced and both characters’ reasons for jumping into the relationship are honest and realistic. Both have been terribly hurt in their past and are reluctant to depend or trust another for any long term commitments.

In the end, both Chase and Libby must do what they do not do best; overcome their fears, past betrayals and learn to trust the love they have for each other. Along the way, they discover what is truly important to them. The Executive Officer’s Wife is wonderfully written, has interesting and captivating characters and well worth reading. I look forward to future endeavors by this author.  This review was first posted at  The Romance Reviews