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Today we welcome author Susanna Kearsley, author of modern gothic novels that blend romance and suspense.  Her works include suspense The Rose Garden, The Winter Sea, Season of Storms and Mariana which is being re-released by Sourcebooks Landmark this April.  


Although Mariana doesn’t deal with time traveling heroines,  I was intrigued by the idea of time travel when I read the book blurb. So I asked Susanna which 10 items she would take with her if she traveled to the past.  Fun idea huh?


As part of the giveaway, leave a comment telling Urban Girl Reader what your number 1 item to gain entries to win a copy of Mariana!  Many thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark for sponsoring a giveaway and to Susanna for joining us today.  Now, let’s see what Susanna’s top ten list would be.


Ten items I’d bring with me if I traveled back in time

By Susanna Kearsley


1. Coffee plants. It might take time and patience to grow enough beans for that first cup of coffee, but honestly, it would be worth it.


2. Photographs of the people I love, both living and already lost.


3. Addresses of my ancestors, in case I need to look them up for help.


4. Extra asthma and allergy medication. I’m allergic to practically everything, so walking around with the horses and feathers and hay would be challenging, otherwise.


5. A big supply of penicillin. Not only for myself, but because I’d frankly find it difficult to watch a person die from an infection we can cure so very easily today.


6. A good map. I’m a map girl. I love them. I’d want a good map of the area that I was traveling to, so I could orient myself and find my way around more easily.


7. A big box of matches, because as someone who’s worked in historical house museums, you’ll just have to take my word for it that lighting fires without them isn’t easy.


8. A stash of pencils and notebooks, because I’m lost without them. Writing is how I make sense of the world; how I process the things I experience. And I could sketch with them, too.


9. A toothbrush. Just because.


And most importantly,


10. A way to get back home again. Because I’d miss my family.


Luckily for my heroine, Julia, she’s not actually time travelling, but re-living a past life while she stays—physically, at least—within the present. Here, from Mariana, is her explanation of the way it feels when she shifts back:


“It is difficult to describe the sensation of sliding backwards in time, of exchanging one reality for another that is just as real, just as tangible, just as familiar. I should not, perhaps, refer to it as ‘sliding’, since in actual fact I was thrust—abruptly and without warning—from one time to the next, as though I had walked through some shifting, invisible portal dividing the present from the past.


When that happened, at the moment that I passed through the portal, I was blissfully unaware that anything had changed. That realization, and the full impact of its significance, would come later, when I had returned to being Julia Beckett.


But as I stood on the front steps of Greywethers that evening, staring up at the man who blocked the doorway, I was no longer Julia. Julia, and all her jumbled memories, had been stripped from me. My thoughts were someone else’s thoughts, my body not my own, and as I moved I lived each new experience for the first time. I was Mariana…”


    Mariana by Susanna Kearsley

    Sourcebooks Landmark

    Paperback, 384 Pages

    April 3rd 2012 (first published 1994)

    ISBN: 9781402258671




    Book Summary:

    Julia Beckett believes in destiny. When she moves into Greywethers, a beautiful sixteenth-century farmhouse, she suspects that more than coincidence has brought her there. The locals are warm and welcoming, especially the eligible squire of Crofton Hall, yet beneath the ordinariness, Julia senses a haunting sadness about her new home. Then she learns of Mariana, a beautiful young woman who lived there three hundred years ago. It seems history has been waiting for Julia.



    AUTHOR Bio and Links:


    Hailed as “the Daphne du Maurier of her generation”, Susanna Kearsley is the author of several novels of suspense, including the internationally bestselling MARIANA, winner of Britain’s Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize. A former museum curator, she brings her own passion for research and travel to bear in her books, weaving history with modern-day intrigue in a way that, in the words of one reviewer, “tells the story of the past and illuminates the present.”


    How Best to Stalk Susanna:

    Website | Twitter | Facebook



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    23 responses to “Guest Blogging with Susanna Kearsley and Giveaway

    1. Susan W

      My No. 1 item I’d take with me if I time travelled to the past would be my Nook Color. It would be loaded with a variety of aps such MS Word so I could document my travels and tons of books to keep me busy in case I had some free time. Of course, I realize the battery life is less than stellar on the NC IRL but since we’re pretending, I’m going to push the pretense to include phenomenal battery life for my Nook.

    2. My number one item I’d take with me is my fully tricked out Kindle Fire. I’d be able to read and take notes about what’s happening to me wherever I am.

    3. Thanks for the fun post and giveaway! I’ve read such fantastic reviews for this book, it’s on the top of my wishlist!

      I’d have to say my glasses cuz I’m blind otherwise and I just *know* something would happen to my contacts 😉

    4. I think that I would bring my laptop… I know that battery would die and and I wouldnt be able to surf the internet but I could still mess with them for a little while.

    5. Toilet paper and lots of Penicillin.
      The Rose Garden and The Winter Sea are two of my favorite reads. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
      Carol L
      Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    6. I’d want a backpack filled with a first aid kit, food, water, toilet paper, toothbrush, note pad and pen, wind-up flashlight, digital camera, and a blanket. It really depends on where I was going and for how long.