Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Love, Alchemy by Eden Ashley

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Title: Love, Alchemy
Author: Eden Ashley
Genre: New Adult Romance/Fantasy
Release Date: July 1st, 2016
Format: eBook, 326 pages

Book Description:

Daveigh Little is no stranger to bad choices, but when one of them lands her in hot water, she finds herself on the run from a ruthless criminal who places a price on her head…and then there is Ethan.

From the moment she first laid eyes on Ethan Remington, Daveigh knew there was something very different about him…she just didn’t know how different.

With the habit of showing up exactly when she needs him the most, Ethan displays an uncanny intuition towards Daveigh’s whereabouts. But then the tables are turned and soon Daveigh realizes that it is Ethan who actually needs saving.

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The rusted chains squeaked in rhythm with the swing’s low arc. Somewhere in the distance, a raven cawed. Leaves fluttered about in a crisp breeze, adding soft whispers to the existing melody. Davey sat and let momentum propel her higher, trying to quell the thunder inside her mind as she thought of how things used to be.

Palmer hadn’t taken her home. Davey would never allow that. Instead, he dropped her off at the old, abandoned home of a dead woman who everyone in town used to love. A trail in the backyard twisted through the woods for about a mile and then ended in Resting Pines, a trailer park containing over a dozen single-wide mobile homes all in desperate need of repair. Every day, just as dark started to fall, Davey abandoned her thoughts and the swing set to take the path to trailer number six.


She hadn’t heard anyone walk up, so when the male voice called out the low greeting, Davey was startled. She turned around, saw the navy blue uniform, and almost bolted. Her eyes narrowed in recognition, but she didn’t relax. “No one’s breaking the law around here,” she said. “You can go away.”

The cop kept walking toward her. His mirrored aviators hung from his shirt pocket, so this time, Davey could see his eyes. They were a deep grey and reminded her of a sky considering a heavy rain. He was fairly tall. It was easy to see that his uniform hid a well-muscled body, one that probably looked damn hot naked. Had Remington not represented the type of authority Davey loathed, she might have considered him good-looking.

Losing interest, she turned in the swing. The cop was unwelcome, so Davey intended to ignore him. If he didn’t take the hint and go, she would. It was getting close to dark anyway.

Again, his voice broke through her thoughts. “What is a creeper?”

Davey started to spin around until she realized Remington was already in front of her. “Dude, what’s your problem?”

“As of right now, all systems are functioning normally.”

“You sound like a freaking robot.”

Laughing easily, Remington crouched down. It put him below eye-level, since she was still sitting in the swing. “Sorry.” He ran a hand through a high-fade of thick, dark brown hair. “I’m straight out of officer training. Before that it was military school. I may seem a bit stiff at times.”

Davey nodded slowly. “You’re a rookie.”


“Great.” She pasted an unfriendly smile onto her face. “That’s exactly what this town needs.”

“I sense you are being sarcastic.”

“Wow. You’re probably going to make detective soon.”

For a moment, his brow creased in confusion. Then Remington looked away. Davey regretted making fun of him. He really didn’t seem like a bad guy. “Look,” she said, “it’s nothing personal. Today has just been kind of tough. That’s all.”

“Today has been rough for me as well. The department likes to have fun with the new kids.”

Glancing at the sky, Davey stood up. It was time to go. Officer Remington got to his feet as well. His grey eyes held her in place. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

She studied him for a long time. “A creeper is someone who does weird stuff like watch people sleep or bring up crazy stuff normal people wouldn’t talk about.”

He grinned. “Or stares at someone for extended periods of time?”

Maybe Remington wasn’t so clueless. Davey resisted the smile tugging at her mouth. “Yeah,” she replied shortly and started walking toward the trail.

“What’s your name?” he called.

Davey turned but kept walking backward. “If I meet you again, I’ll tell you.”

She had no idea she would see Officer Remington again before the night ended.

About Eden Ashley


Realist, cynic, and hopeless romantic all rolled into one, Eden lives in a small, sunny town in SC where thunderstorms inspire her best ideas. When not daydreaming about her next novel, Eden can be found curled up with a musty old paperback and a cup of coffee...or mired deeply in her next plot to take over the world. She enjoys reading or watching anything with supernatural elements, so writing paranormal and fantasy romance is a natural fit.

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Lyrical Press Contemporary Romances Tour, Excerpt & #Giveaway – Heartland by Sara Walter Ellwood

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Today’s tour is a Virtual Blurb Blitz Tour for Lyrical Press Contemporary Romances available June 24th from Lyrical Press. Urban Girl Reader is hosting Heartland by Sara Walter Ellwood but other tour stops will have excerpts from the other available books. Be sure to visit the other sites to increase your chance to win the Giveaway!

Books available:

  • READY TO FALL by Olivia Dade
  • HEARTLAND by Sara Walter Ellwood
  • HER AUSTRALIAN HERO by Margaret Way


Author: Sara Walter Ellwood
Series: Singing to the Heart book #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Release Date: June 21st, 2016
Format: eBook, 135 pages

Book Description:

Sex, drugs, and country music. That was the lifestyle for Emily Kendall, a Texas girl who hit it big on the country music charts–until she found herself pregnant and battling addiction. Now out of rehab and seeking a new life for herself and her unborn child, Emily returns to her hometown of McAllister. The last thing she’s looking for is trouble, no matter how good it looks in uniform. . .

A widower, single father, and former Army Ranger struggling with PTSD, Sheriff EJ Cowley hashis own demons to battle while keeping folks safe. The last thing he needs is a troubled celebrity speeding through town in her bright red Mazerati. But when someone from Emily’s past threatens her safety and the peace of McAllister, EJ has no choice but to protect her. And soon both will learn there’s more to the other than meets the eye. And that wounded hearts can love again.

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Book Links: Goodreads


Emily glared at the retreating backside of EJ Cowley as he sauntered to his SUV, but her ire at the McAllister County sheriff was soon replaced with an appreciation of the way his ass filled out the tan pants. The scrawny teenage boy who’d pulled on her pigtails and chased her around the Double K when John Kendall wasn’t watching had grown up into a good-looking man.

Too bad he’d turned into a jerk.

She shook her head and rested her hand over the slight swell of her belly. Even if he was the nicest, sexiest man in the world, he was the last thing she needed. She wasn’t looking for a man. Didn’t want one. Her divorce had been final for almost two months, but she wouldn’t ever be completely free of Fabian McPhee despite her not wanting him to be part of her child’s life and his lack of paternal acknowledgement. The only way to escape him was to never let her baby know about him which she wouldn’t–couldn’t–ever do. Regardless of the pain of abandonment and the questions the knowledge of her little girl’s famous father would cause her, Emily could never do to her daughter what her parents did to her. The not knowing and finding out later was worse.

Emily closed her eyes and rested her head on the seat behind her. As she rubbed over the baby growing inside her, she smiled as the memory of when she’d found out she was having a girl entered her mind.

Twelve weeks into her pregnancy, the OB/Gynecologist, Dr. Summers, performed an amniocentesis. The test results came back perfectly normal and revealed the baby’s sex.

Every test the doctors performed had come back showing her baby was healthy. Dr. Summers accredited the good news to the fact Emily found out about her pregnancy early and stopped taking drugs.

“Emily… Miz Kendall? You okay?”

At the sound of EJ’s deep Texas twang, she jerked her eyes open and stopped massaging her belly. No one outside of Trish Russell, Fabian, and her doctors knew about the baby, not even her parents. If he suspected her secret, he showed no signs as he held out a sheet of pink paper–her speeding ticket.

She snatched it out of his hand and tossed it on the seat beside her. “I’m fine. Tired. I’ve been driving for thirteen hours and want to get home to my family.”

He straightened and the buttons on his uniform shirt strained across his chest as he took a deep breath. Did he lift weights? Without warning, she imagined him without the shirt and envisioned a broad chest rippling with muscle.

Irritated at the fantasy as much as by the man, she put her sunglasses back on her face and glared at him. “Are we done?”

He gave her a devilish smile, which turned his ruggedly handsome face superstar gorgeous and sent a tingle through her nervous system. “Yeah. Say hi to your mama and daddy.” As she turned the key in the ignition, he tapped the top of her car. “And drive within the speed limits.”

Her response was to hit the gas hard enough to send up a cloud of dust from the side of the road, but she didn’t speed past forty-five.

As she looked at him through her rearview mirror, she grinned at him shaking his head and standing with his arms crossed as the fine, Texas grit settled around him.

About Sara Walter Ellwood


Although Sara Walter Ellwood has long ago left the farm for the glamour of the big town, she draws on her experiences growing up on a small hobby farm in West Central Pennsylvania to write her contemporary westerns. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for over 20 years, and they have two teenagers and one very spoiled rescue cat named Penny. She longs to visit the places she writes about and jokes she’s a cowgirl at heart stuck in Pennsylvania suburbia. Sara Walter Ellwood is a multi-published author and publishes paranormal romantic suspense under the pen name Cera duBois.

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Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A SEAL’s Vow by Cora Seton

Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A SEAL’s Vow by Cora Seton

Title: A Seal’s Vow Author: Cora Seton Series: The SEALs of Chance Creek #2 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Publisher: One Acre Press Release Date: June 7th, 2016 Format: eBook, 279 pages Book Description: After fifteen long, dangerous years in the service, Navy SEAL Clay Pickett is ready for his new mission: build a model sustainable community and show the world an exciting alternative to a consumption-based life. If that means he’s got a deadline to find a wife in order to win the reality TV show that’s filming his sustainable adventure, so be it. He’s got just the woman for the job in mind: beautiful, dedicated Nora Ridgeway. When Nora left her job as a school teacher in Baltimore to live a simpler, Jane Austen style life in Montana with her friends, she was relieved to escape the escalating threats of violence from an unknown student stalker, but she can’t help feeling she’s […]


Book Spotlight and Excerpt: His Lass Wears Tartan by Kathleen Shaputis

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Book Spotlight and Excerpt: His Lass Wears Tartan by Kathleen Shaputis

Title: His Lass Wears Tartan Author: Kathleen Shaputis Genre: Paranormal Romance Publisher: Crimson Romance Release Date: June 20th 2016 Format: Paperback and eBook, 270 pages Book Description: Independent and dedicatedly single, Rogue Bruce enjoys running Castle Baillie with her Aunt Baillie from America. They specialize in romantic Elizabethan-themed weddings, complete with resident ghost, Lord Kai (nothing like a haunted castle to set the mood for love). But love is something Rogue is not the least bit interested in. Content with her work and stable of horses, no man is necessary for her happiness. Matchmaking is in the air, though, focusing on Bruce MacKenzie, a Thor in plaid and jeans from town, and Jonathan Olson, a snobbish Rhett Butler type. With two men after her heart (she’d thought safely locked away), Rogue is torn with confusion. Murder and a psychic yank the soundtrack of Rogue’s life from romantic to scary, while she has choices […]


Book Spotlight, Exceprt & #Giveaway: Falling For Sarah by Cate Beauman

Book Spotlight, Exceprt & #Giveaway: Falling For Sarah by Cate Beauman

Title: Falling for Sarah Author: Cate Beauman Series: The Bodyguards Of L.A. County #2 Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: October 15th 2012 Format: Paperback / eBook, 384 pages Book Description: Widow Sarah Johnson struggled to pick up the pieces after her life was ripped apart. After two years of grieving, she’s found contentment in her thriving business as photographer to Hollywood’s A-list and in raising her angel-faced daughter, Kylee… until bodyguard and long-time friend Ethan Cooke changes everything with a searing moonlight kiss. Sarah’s world turns upside down as she struggles with her unexpected attraction to Ethan and the guilt of betraying her husband’s memory. But when blue roses and disturbing notes start appearing on her doorstep, she has no choice but to lean on Ethan as he fights to save her from a stalker that won’t stop until he has what he prizes most. Buy Links:  Amazon • Barnes & Noble • iTunes • Kobo […]


Cover Reveal: The Deep End by Kristen Ashley

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Cover Reveal: The Deep End by Kristen Ashley

About the Book Title: The Deep End Author: Kristen Ashley Series:  Book 1 in the Honey Series Genre:  Romance, BDSM Anticipated Release Date:  March 7, 2017 Book Links:  Goodreads Pre-Order “The Deep End”: Amazon | iBooks | Books a Million | GooglePlay | Kobo Book Blurb: Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are pleasure slaves committed to fulfilling a woman’s every desire. At the elite Honey club, no boundary will be left untested, and one’s darkest desires will become a sensual reality. Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him craves the lifestyle offered by this secret, exclusive club. When Amèlie invites Olivier to surrender, she pushes him to explore his deepest desires as a submissive. As they grow closer and find themselves falling harder than either of them anticipated, the truth about Olivier’s past could threaten […]


Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Dishoner Thy Wife by Belinda Austin

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Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Dishoner Thy Wife by Belinda Austin

Title: Dishonor Thy Wife Author: Belinda Austin Genre: Romantic SuspenseMystery Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing Release Date: June 13, 2016 Format: Paperback/eBook, 355 pages Book Description: A Psychological Thriller of Sexual Obsession and a Twisted Romance. Ronni and Brad have an arranged marriage. Six years ago, he broke off with his fiancée or else face jail time for getting the then underage Ronni pregnant, i.e. statutory rape. The couple has not slept together since. The spoiled Brad is resentful and can be verbally abusive to both Ronni and their daughter who he mostly ignores. Brad is not the only one trapped in an unwanted marriage. Ronni was a dirt-poor teenager when her grandfather forced her to marry the rich medical student. She is simply trying to make the best of a bad marriage until she can finish college and be able to support herself and Traci. One day after a medical conference, Brad returns home […]


Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Planning for Love by Ellen Butler

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Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Planning for Love by Ellen Butler

Title: Planning for Love Author: Ellen Butler Series: Love, California Style #2 Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Crimson Romance Release Date: January 26th 2015 Format: eBook, 2016 pages Book Description: Poppy Reagan is a Type A personality who runs her professional life with the precision of a Swiss watch. After catching her latest boyfriend cheating, she decides it’s time to take her dating life as seriously as she does her business. She swears off the bad boys and strategically maps out a plan to find an honest, attractive man to become her life partner. As she works her way through a summer of dates ranging from crazy to plain boring, she begins to wonder if her soulmate’s even on the same coast. Her foolish emotional spirit secretly yearns for the sexy Ohio dermatologist she met on a trip to Hawaii last year. The one who she insists is “just a friend,” because […]


Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A Bodyguard of Lies by Donna Del Oro

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Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A Bodyguard of Lies by Donna Del Oro

Title: A Bodyguard of Lies Author: Donna Del Oro Series: The Jake Bernstein FBI Series Book 1 Genre: Romantic Suspense Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc Release Date: June 8th 2016 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc Format: Print and eBook, 320 pages Book Description: The past and present collide as FBI analyst Jake Bernstein is recruited to go undercover and investigate an elderly American grandmother, currently on a tour of England and Ireland with her granddaughter, who is suspected of WWII war crimes. Jake joins them and runs into complications when his growing attraction to the granddaughter challenges his obligation to remain emotionally detached. As the investigation intensifies, a neo-Nazi group tries to prevent him from learning the truth and achieve justice for all concerned. Danger mounts, and Jake struggles to stay alive long enough to either prove the old woman’s guilt or exonerate her. Despite Meg Larsen’s mounting passion for the stranger […]


Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A Fairytale Bride by Hope Ramsay

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Book Spotlight, Excerpt & #Giveaway: A Fairytale Bride by Hope Ramsay

Title: A Fairytale Bride Author: Hope Ramsay Series: Chapel of Love #0.5 Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Forever Yours Release Date: June 7th, 2016 Format: eBook, 85 pages Book Description: A CHAPEL OF LOVE SHORT STORY

 After a very public career disaster, journalist Jeff Talbert-Lyndon wants to escape from the world. Picturesque Shenadoah Falls, Virginia, seems like the perfect place to relax and regroup before heading back to real life. But when he discovers the charming bookstore Secondhand Prose – and its lovely, slightly overwhelmed owner- he finds a part-time job and a very tempting reason to stay… Melissa Portman is fighting a losing battle when it comes to saving her grandmother’s store – and selling the historic building may be her only option. Yet when a handsome stranger wanders in one day, she wonders if her very own fairytale is just beginning… Buy Links:  Amazon • Barnes & Noble • iTunes • Kobo • Google Book […]